50 Geometric Sun and Moon Tattoo for Women Ideas

40 Geometric Sun and Moon Tattoo for Women Ideas

In every culture, in every era, in every place, there are relationships, myths, and superstitions associated with the sun and the moon – they are the center of every society. It is for this reason that they are so popular as tattoo themes all over the world.

Stylistically, your options are almost limitless, so there are almost endless options for you to execute your tattoo ideas. The image of the sun and moon makes for a matching tattoo: the sun as masculine energy and the moon as feminine energy are depicted in an attractive design. Whether small or large, the choices are amazingly plentiful. The sun can be a circle of small tattoo circles with rays, or a crescent moon outlined among others is the nature of the moon. Here are 40 recommendations for Geometric Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas for Women

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