80 Wedding Bouquet For Brides Ideas
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80 Wedding Bouquet For Brides Ideas

To those of you who have never been a bride, all bouquets may seem essentially the same. It’s just a bunch of flowers tied with a ribbon, right? In fact, not all flower bouquets are created equal!

There are actually various styles of bridal bouquets, depending on the shape and type of flower. It is up to you to decide which style complements your wedding gown and party style. For example, a larger bouquet may be better suited for a formal church appointment exchange, while a smaller, looser arrangement would suit a casual outdoor celebration.

To make your choice, of course you have to know the various types of flower bouquets that are the most popular on the market. With an explanation of the different types of bouquets below, you won’t have to be confused anymore when you go to the florist to ask for what you want!

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