70 Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dresses Ideas

70+ Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dresses Ideas

At first glance, lace is very similar to brocade fabric (brocade). The difference lies in the way it is made, where brocade is made through a embroidery technique using gold or silver threads, and has a unique and complex pattern that makes it a classy type of fabric. Simply put, brocade looks more ‘heavy’ in terms of texture.

In contrast to lace or lace fabric that is made by knitting, this fabric in ancient times was only used for tablecloths to window curtains. No wonder if lace was never glimpsed even for a wedding dress though. This type of fabric is perforated and transparent, so to wear it, you must use upholstery.

But, who would have thought that now lace could go to class. After getting a lot of attention in the fashion world, lace-type fabrics are in demand in the market and can even shift the stereotype of wedding dresses —which are usually designed to swell like princesses in a fairy tale — changing trends to be simpler but still elegant.

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