Inspiring Almond Shaped Nail for Girls
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25 Inspiring Almond Shaped Nail for Girls

Have you ever thought about the perfect shape for your nails? What works for others may not suit you at all. Use this guide to find out about the different types of almond nail shapes and styles and what suits you best.

The almond shape is very feminine and delicate, and is considered a classic nail shape. This can help make your fingers appear longer and smoother, and in turn less fat. However, they don’t allow nails to elongate and grow, so if you want them to last longer, they won’t be the right fit for you. Almonds have soft ends with sinuous sides, but they break quite easily. If they become damaged then they have to be filed to get rid of the problem, and part of their length will be lost. Here’s the Inspiring Almond Shaped Nail for Girls

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