40 Romantic Weddings Themes Ideas

40 Romantic Weddings Themes Ideas

Showing off your personality, taste and life as a couple? Check out these three themes to find your ideal wedding sytle.
The urban wedding
Who? Chic, sophisticated city-dwellers who just love everything about their fast-paced and mordern lifestyle.
What? Casual affair is not something you have in mind. Alluring, sleek gowns for the bride and a chic, black-tie minimalist suit for the groom. Your wedding reception will include will include a cocktail hour with metropolian drinks before the food is served.
Where? Your wedding venue boasts of elegance and definitely in the heart of the city. Grab that cell and dial up Four Seasons Hotel, Naumi Hotel or Mandarin Oriental.
The hopeless romantics wedding
Who? You think everyday is spring where flowers bloom beautifully. Poems, love verses and chocolates are your best friends. Basically, you love Love.
What? Arriving in style for you will be a horse-drawn carriage decorated with delicate floral arrangements. Your vows are roman-tically origianl, and your ceremony is filled with roses and pink.
Where? A great place to hold your wedding will be in the lush gardens, or by the beach. Nothings feels more romantic to you than the sounds of birds or gentle tickles of sea breeze.
The artsy-fartsy wedding
Who? Art is more than just a hobby, it is the way of life to you. You know every famous artist and their works at the back of your hand. You actully enjoy the eccentric stuffs.

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