• 40 Summer Makeup Look Ideas
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    40+ Summer Makeup Look Ideas

    Summer is the time for outdoor activities. Walk the jungle or play water on the beach all day. To look beautiful all day, here are 40+ Summer Makeup Look Ideas for you. No need for thick makeup, natural makeup is the best. Don’t forget to use protective skin cream and lip balm, have a nice summer!  

  • 40 Chic Green Nail Art Ideas
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    40+ Chic Green Nail Art Ideas

    If you are bored with the color of your nails, you should try 40+ of these Chic Green Nail Art Ideas. Green is always reminiscent of nature, making you more relaxed and refreshed. With so many green choices from matte green, emerald, dark etc, you don’t need to worry, choose according to your personality and perfect your appearance with beautiful…

  • 40 Makeup for Women Over 50 Ideas
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    40+ Makeup for Women Over 50 Ideas

    Being old is bless, beautiful wrinkles. Begin to appear and sometimes begin to lack confidence to make makeup. Here are 40+ Makeup for Women Over 50 Ideas for you. Love your wrinkles, created with your smile, laughter and tears. Just make makeup that is light, natural does not need a lot of color. Because you are beautiful. You also can…

  • 40 Ways to Wear Pink Lipstick Ideas
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    40+ Ways to Wear Pink Lipstick Ideas

    Pink is one of the favorite colors of women since they were children to adults. But there are some things that make us sometimes not dare to wear pink lipstick. Pink lipstick is available in various levels of color and shades, making it easier for us to determine which colors match our skin color and personality. Let’s look at 40+…

  • 40 Brown Eyes Simple Makeup Ideas
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    40+ Brown Eyes Simple Makeup Ideas

    For those of you who have brown eyes, here are 40+ Simple Chocolate Eye Makeup Ideas for you. You can use dark colors and soft colors even bright, it doesn’t matter because brown eyes are perfect for all colors. Color games on the right eye makeup greatly affect facial makeup. So match it with perfect for stunning look.

  • 50 Perfekte natürliche Make up für Frauen Idee
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    50+ Perfekte natürliche Make-up für Frauen Idee

    Wir helfen denen von Ihnen, die nach einem perfekten natürlichen Make-up suchen. Mit einem natürlichen Aussehen, das Sie jünger, frischer und strahlender aussehen lässt, fühlen Sie sich im Vergleich zu dickem und übermäßigem Make-up natürlicher auf Ihrem Gesicht. Einfache Tipps, um auf natürliche Weise zu erscheinen, ist die Verwendung einer Farbe, die nicht auffällig ist, und für die Augen natürliche…

  • 35 Bridal Makeup When Wedding in the Daytime
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    35 Bridal Makeup When Wedding in the Daytime

    Preparation for marriage Makeup makeup is not just makeup, there are tricks that must be done to make bridal makeup for weddings or weddings look radiant and look different by emitting an aura that makes every guest feel happiness. For wedding preparation, bridal makeup is a special natural beauty, here are some bridal makeup tips for weddings or weddings that…